Getting Started

What are GPT sites?

GPT stands for Get Paid To. GPT websites have you do tasks and in return they give you points. You're able to redeem these points for gift cards and cash. You get paid to do things like watching videos, listening to music, playing games, and subscribing to newsletters.

What's the first step?

The first thing to ask yourself is how much effort you're willing to put into earning money online. Some sites require more effort than others but they all require some. The more you put in, the more you earn and the less you put in, the less you earn. Dedication is important. This isn't too hard if you're only using three or less GPT sites at a time. Trying to juggle five or six of them at once is impossible and will only slow you down, especially when you're just getting started.

Make a new email

It'd be best to create a new email account for all of the GPT sites that you join so that you can keep your personal email separate and spam free.

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